Press release for 2019 LMT LAB DAY

​HeyGears is a technically innovative company focused on 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technology. The company was founded in Guangzhou 2015, by a talented group of young men from the School of Engineering of the U.S. Public Ivy UIUC. Since founded, HeyGears has been dedicated to providing the cutting edge digital dental solutions for dental labs in China and the U

The 22nd China P&E is to be held Apr12-15 in Beijing

Since 1998, China P&E(International Photograph & Electrical Imaging Machinery and Technology Fair) has been successfully held for 21 sessions. Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the 22nd China P&E will be held in Beijing Exhibition Centre from April 12 to 15, 2019.

《Auto Chess goes viral across the world, who knows it comes from Drodo Studio , a team from China with only 5 people?

Recently, Auto Chess, which is based on DOTA2, has gone viral all over the world. It quickly became the first sensational game of 2019. In only ten days Auto Chess has attracted 100,000 players. As of now there are already 6.8 million subscribers on Steam, with peaks of over 400,000 players online. More than 3.09 million players have given positive reviews, which exceeds DOTA2 over the same peri

cosmetics matches skin perfectly in French style

Abstract: Yinrrytung, a popular cosmetics brand born in Paris, takes "make up in French style" as its brand concept. Integrating top research and development technology and the most cutting-edge fashion essence, Yinrrytung has made itself a fashionable color trend pioneer. The brand is devoted to makeup-and-skincare combination, maximizing the features of romance, confidence, sexiness, attractiven

Film and foil on inkjet printer solutions

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) and flexible metalized films are widely used in confectionery and savory snack packaging. Soft packaging materials can be seen as the main carrier of modern product packaging. How to achieve perfect and clear marking on soft packaging film and aluminum foil is a problem that the marking industry needs to consider at the beginning of the development of the marking sc


企业做广告得找媒介投放(海讯社。然而,该找什么样的媒介发挥更大的效用,却有很大的学问。一般来讲,企业选择媒介做广告,要结合当前与长远的发展战略目标做出决定。比如新产品上市时,为了吸引 社会关注和打动经销商,就要考虑选择主流的财经媒介。如果要拉动终端销售,则应考虑选择目标市场的大众媒介,比如当地强势的电视、报纸。在确定了选哪种媒介这个大方向后,要对同一类型的所有媒体进行评估,具体参考指标有:发行量、受众总量、有效受众、受众特征、媒介本身的地域特征、广告的单位成本、广告的时段等等。这里着重有效受众、广告的单位成本和广告时段进行分析。


不少人询问路透屏、纳斯达克屏(海讯社投放广告的方法。下面给大家具体介绍下。首先,让我们来了解下路透屏广告投放的作用。 纽约时代广场(Times Square)位于美国纽约市曼哈顿区第42大街、弗洛德街跟第7路交叉的三角地带,是财富与文化双雄交汇的“世界十字路口”。 在这里,年均客流量数千万人次、人员流量上亿人次;作为全球最受瞩目的商业核心地段,全球高端品牌长期在这里传播品牌形象;而这里播出的信息多 次引起BBC、路透社等传媒巨头的关注,成为名副其实“吸引世界目光”的最佳窗口之一,能够登陆纽约时代广场,也随之成为了众多品牌梦寐以求的“荣耀时刻”。在时代广场上超过 230 块广告屏当中,有两块(整体来说)广告屏可以称得上是其中的佼佼者,纳斯达克大屏和路透屏。


韩国FAU的超级热门商品“保湿再生BB霜”中含有珍珠成分,能够展现光彩肌肤的新产品“珍珠高光再生BB霜”的上市成为了韩国化妆品业界热门话题。 “保湿再生BB霜”的后续产品“珍珠高光再生BB霜”维持了原有的“保湿再生BB霜”的效果,并且含有亮丽的色感和细微的珍珠珠光,可以让皮肤呈现出自然的光彩。

CYCJET Pharmacy traceability inkjet printing system

Abstract: Medicine is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and life and health must be regulated by the most stringent standards. Therefore, it is also reasonable for the enterprise to be the main responsible party to be required to establish a drug information traceability system to ensure product safety. The traceability of medical products is essentially a collection of “one


首先,让我们先了解一下发布小语种的信息,即小语种发稿的优势所在。大家知道,一些买家更加习惯于用母语来搜索产品,在【海讯社】发布多语言信息,使您的产品更容易被买家发现,扩大您的贸易空间。 其次,我们需要了解的是,中国的客户想上外媒发稿一部分只能中国公关公司,第二就是找到国外的记者直接合作,但是一般中国客户都是通过国内的公关公司合作,既节省开支也节省时间。可具体来说,要怎么上海外媒体?

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